Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Martin, Ismael, Autor
Leon, Jorge, Koautor
Perezabad, Luis Julián, Suradnik
de Uralde, Igor, Suradnik
Aingeru, Josu, Suradnik - dizajn


The proyect aims to adaptate and to boost the capacities of the XIXth tipology
of block in a three-dimensional spatial form suitable for the XXth Century. In order
to achive this, we have created an original tipology of patio-houses situated over a
macro-roof in the 5th and 6th floors that will control the light and the climatology of
the interior squares situated at the ground level; where, by means of the liberation of
residential program, open spaces totally public and surrounded by green areas,
cultural program, shopping and cafeterias are created.

This tipology allows a dialog with the urbanism of Donji Grad creating a new
exterior and continuos facade and establishing specific openings in that facade that will
make possible the access to the public patios from the market, the Kvaternikiv
trg and other public landmarks of the city.

A promenade architecturel (spiral) starting in the squares at the ground
level and going to the mega-roof through all the uses and surrounding the main square -
allowing that the horizontal continuity of the public space at the street level will not be
broken by the vertical nucleus of communication- is the unifying link of all programs
established at the different heights.

To sum up, the most relevant feature of the project is focused on the best way of
yuxtaposing a strong residential action of innovative tipologies in the roof, with the
maximum exploitation of the open-public-multipurpose space in the ground floor
without breaking the urban continuity of the place and avoiding all non desired mixing
of the private residential space with the public multipurpose. Those requirements are
more necessary due to the current condition of the metropolis and the failure of the
attempt to mark off into zones the ground according to the primary uses of it.

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Construcciones Jose Martín Konzultant za konstrukciju
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