Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The main spatial characteristic of the concept are horizontal layering of functions, in a way that they can benefit from each other and interconnectivity of functions within a framework that allows for great flexibility of spatial and programatic organization.

Layer 1 - Public space
Layer 2 – Commerce & culture
Layer 3 - Upper commerce layer & semi-public open space
Layer 4a - Residential space
Layer 4b – Business and hospitality

The inside of the block is reserved for pedestrian traffic. It is connected with the outside via two public entrances (from Martićeva and Šubićeva) and two passages through the shopping areas (from Vlaška and Derenčinova).

Economic sustainability of the proposal lies in high density, interconnectivity and flexibility of all functions, particularly linking commercial with cultural spaces, business with hospitality. All the functions are contained within a uniform structural grid that alows numerous possibilities of spatial organization and changes in programme over time.

Social sustainability lies in careful treatment and gradients of public spaces. Apart from the lower street and square, all roofs of lower layers are used as different public and semi-public spaces, increasing the publicly usable area of the block.

The former Distillery building is put into public use as a museum / cultural center. It is visible and accessible from the outside of the block, from Šubićeva street. The Distillery building is a central point of a new public square. The facade of the former Spirits refinery is integrated as much as possible into the newly built facade of the business center, while remaining recognizable.

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