Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Cereijo, Manuel, Autor
Ferreira, enio, Autorski suradnik



We propose a stripe that links all the existent city fragments creating new city between them. It’s a simple and continuous element that absorbs all the past to propose the future.

We have old city, we will have new city. But we want a dialog between them, achieving urban value, quality of spatial relations, between buildings and public spaces. This is our concept.

-Housing: 16000 m2 of housing situated from floor 2 to 5 (keeping surrounding buildings height).

-Tower: One tower of offices with 12 floors (matching the height of the existent one). Bringing “work” to the interior of the quartier will bring also people to restaurants, bars and cultural events.

-Hotel Gorica: the old Gorica factory and walls will be converted in a city hotel with a strong past heritage and recognized by Zagreb population. 6 floors and a total of almost 6000 m2. Being on main street facade makes it also visible.

-Small Square: On this area we have bars and restaurants that make an interesting area to relax during day and night.

-Large square: A large square protected from the rest of the city but inviting people to get inside, with large portals. where no parking is allowed permits a cultural and leisure use to nearby inhabitants.

-Underground parking: 2 levels of underground parking and some outside parking places allows 925 parking places needed to this project.

-Retail: Under housing we have a retail area with shops. Most of level zero and level one will be used for this function.

-Old distillery converted to cultural center: This cultural center can be used for expositions, conferences, cultural events and concerts.

-Green areas: Green areas will be placed inside of the quartier bringing nature to the our area due to ecological concerns and giving quality of life.

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